My name is Megan and I am a portrait film photographer with a love for natural light, soft colors and real moments. Using an approach that combines lifestyle and fine-art styles, I aim to capture real-life events and authentic emotions. I love emotion, real connections, and those little details of everyday life.

When I say “I shoot with film”, I’m not referring to using a video camera to capture audio and moving visual; I’m talking about taking a roll of photographic film that you load into a camera and have developed. To me, film has a unique way of capturing light, color and detail. I love the raw quality and the imperfections because, to me, they ARE perfect.. It’s an art form that cannot be duplicated, and it gives my images a timeless quality. I love the dreamy skintones and overall softness that film creates; I love how it makes me stop and really focus on you, instead of clicking away. When I look at a film image, it almost looks like an artist painted it… capturing so much more of the moment because I know it was carefully curated.