October 15, 2016

Amanda’s Wedding Day


September 24, 2016 was one for the books. This was the day my younger sister got married and while one of my best friends was the photographer for the day (her photos are AMAZING and see them HERE), I brought my film camera along to snap a few photos in the morning while we were hanging out and getting ready!!

2016-09-30_0016 2016-09-30_0005 2016-09-30_0015 2016-09-30_00062016-09-30_0012 2016-09-30_00232016-09-30_00202016-09-30_00192016-09-30_00112016-09-30_00142016-09-30_0004 2016-09-30_00132016-09-30_0018 2016-09-30_00172016-09-30_00032016-09-30_0008 2016-09-30_00072016-09-30_00212016-09-30_0022 2016-09-30_0002 2016-09-30_0024

Contax 645, Fuji400h, Richard Photo Lab