July 24, 2016

Luedinghausen + Dinkelsbuehl // Germany

Thanks for stopping by to see some of my favorite images from Germany! I was originally going to do a 3-part series, but with so many photos, I have extended it to a 4-part series. After we left Belgium and the Netherlands, we drove to Luedinghausen and Dinkelsbuehl where we were able to attend a German wedding at an old castle (so fascinating!!) and then party all night at a local Gasthaus. While there are a lot of similarities between American and German weddings, there are also some differences. For one, they like to party all.night.long. Literally! It was amazing to be able to experience something new and different and also be able to understand a good portion of it (did I mention I minored in German in college??!).

Germany will always have a special place in my heart. Having visited 4 times already, it was also where my family took our first European vacation. Good family friends have strong ties to Germany and we were lucky enough to be able to travel with them in the past as well as this trip. Scroll through to see these cute, quaint towns and what I was able to snap during the wedding ceremony!

This is one of my favorite street photos from Luedinghausen. I love it fora couple of reasons: 1) when I used to compete in Irish dance, we would always perform to an accordion accompanied with a fiddle so it was a moment of nostalgia even if they weren’t exactly playing a jig 2) I think street performers are fascinating! 

The castle in Luedinghausen is a market area during the daytime. We chatted with a French couple where we were able to taste their wine and homemade pâté.

Dinkelsbuehl is an old and VERY German little town established in the 1300s.